MAHS-IDN-ACH-ABS-MRY-S-001-F-0010, Indonesia

General Attributes
Project NameMAHS-IDN-ACH-ABS-MRY-S-001-F-0010
Spatial DataComing Soon
Data Bounds (approx.)
Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
Not availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Project DescriptionBenteng Indrapatra (MAHS-IDN-ACH-ABS-MRY-S-001-F-0010) is a large stone fortification. It is roughly square in shape, measuring approximately 27 meters on each side for a total contained area of approximately 700 square meters. The walls are made from stones bound together with mortar and concrete. The exterior walls are slightly slanted, wider at the base than at the top. The front and side walls of the fort are higher than the back walls. There is a corridor attached to the wall on the front and sides. It is made higher than the ground level on the inside. This fort has high and sturdy walls with embrasures on each side. There are three embrasures on the front, and three on each side. There are two embrasures on the back that are level with the ground. The embrasure can serve for the placement of cannons. The top has a flat floor surface. There are three enclosed on top, one at the center, and two attached to the front wall of an embrasure.
Collection Date0000-00-00 to 2021-06-09
Publication Date0000-00-00
License TypeN/A
Site AuthorityN/A
0000: MAHS-IDN-ACH-ABS-MRY-S-001-F-0010 - . Collected by . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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