Mt. Titano Historic Center Street Survey, San Marino

General Attributes
Project NameMt. Titano Historic Center Street Survey
CountrySan Marino
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Data Types

Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
Photogrammetry - TerrestrialNot availableSony A7 RIV Mirrorless
LiDAR - TerrestrialNot availableLeica BLK360 G2 Time of Flight Scanner
Site DescriptionPerched atop Mount Titano, the historic city center of San Marino boasts both cultural and architectural significance. As one of the oldest republics in the world, its heritage reflects a rich tapestry of medieval history and enduring traditions. The city's well-preserved fortress walls, narrow cobblestone streets, and ancient towers evoke a sense of timelessness, transporting visitors to another era. Its commanding position offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The city center serves as a living testament to San Marino's independence and resilience, captivating visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and stunning architecture. The site was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.
Project DescriptionUsing Lieca BLK360 g2 terrestrial LiDAR and photogrammetry, this un-constrained survey consists of 81 laser scans and 1227 images and was performed as part of a study on municipal earthquake resilience within the historic city center of San Marino. Data was captured on a foggy and rainy day, causing some noticeable noise. This dataset is a followup to a previous survey performed in 2017 (
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Collection Date2024-03-04 to 2024-03-04
Publication Date2024-05-13
License TypeCC BY-NC
ContributorsScott McAvoy , Davide Forcellini , Giuseppe Giardi , Falko Kuester
PartnersCultural Heritage Engineering Initiative (CHEI) , UNIRSM - Universita degli studi della Repubblica di San Marino
Site AuthorityN/A
Scott McAvoy , Davide Forcellini , Giuseppe Giardi , Falko Kuester 2024: Mt. Titano Historic Center Street Survey - Photogrammetry - Terrestrial , LiDAR - Terrestrial . Collected by . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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