Augusta Hangar, Italy

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Project NameAugusta Hangar
Spatial DataComing Soon
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Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
LiDAR - Terrestrial1.227 GBCyrax 2500 , Leica TCRM1102+ Time of Flight Scanner , Time of Flight Scanner
Site DescriptionLocated in Augusta, Sicily, this dirigible hangar's history stretches back to World War I. It was constructed on the eastern coast of Sicily, an ideal place to house planes or Zeppelins that would have monitored the Medditerannean Sea for German U-boats. Today, the Augusta Hangar is the only remaining example of a reinforced concrete airship hangar left in the world. Its 15 reinforced concrete frames rise 31 meters into the air, as do the hangar's unique folding doors. It can house airships up to 12,000 cubic meters.
Project DescriptionThe Augusta Hangar faces many conservational challenges, including earthquakes, fires, and vandalism, all of which provoke a picture of complex damage and subsidence. Site authorities have expressed concern about the hangar's abandonment and subsequent decay, and as a result, much effort has been made for its preservation. The University of Ferrara contributed to these efforts by scanning the hangar using Cyrax 2500 and Leica TCRM 1102+ laser survey scanners, and donating the data to the CyArk archive.
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Collection Date0000-00-00 to 0000-00-00
Publication Date2021-04-20
License TypeCC BY-NC-SA
PartnersDIAPReM University of Ferrara
Site AuthorityN/A
2021: Augusta Hangar - LiDAR - Terrestrial . Collected by . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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