Tikal, Guatemala

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Project NameTikal
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LiDAR - Terrestrial0.5756 GBCyrax 2500 Time of Flight Scanner
Site DescriptionThe ancient Mayan city of Tikal is located deep in the heart of Guatemala's El Petén rain forest, within Tikal National Park. The ancient city, covering an area greater than 16 sq km (6.2 sq mi), is the largest known ancient Maya city-complex dating to the Classic period. It is estimated to have had a peak population of 100,000 to 200,000 with an urban density of 600 to 700 people per square kilometer. During the Classic Maya period from 200 to 850 CE, Tikal flourished, becoming the preeminent political, economic, and military power in the region. At least 33 rulers oversaw the construction of numerous monuments, many of which remain to be uncovered. In addition to its large monumental temples, the site is renowned for its carved inscriptions and exceptional multicolored ceramics.
Project DescriptionIn November 2005, a team from the University of California, Berkeley traveled to Tikal in Guatemala, a World Heritage Site, to demonstrate the advantages of digital documentation techniques and how they could be applied to Temple IV, one of the tallest and most voluminous buildings in the Maya world. The expedition team completed survey, digital photography and laser scanning to support current condition assessment and restoration activities and also provided a workshop to local heritage professionals. The project, completed in partnership with Instituto de Antropología e Historia and xRez Studio, was funded by the UNESCO World Heritage Center with support from the Kacyra Family Foundation.
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Collection Date2005-11-16 to 2005-11-25
Publication Date2018-04-16
License TypeCC BY-NC-SA
CollectorsUniversity of California, Berkeley , xRez Studio
FundersUNESCO , Kacyra Family Foundation
Site AuthorityInstituto de Antropología e Historia, Guatemala
CyArk 2018: Tikal - LiDAR - Terrestrial . Collected by University of California, Berkeley , xRez Studio . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D. https://doi.org/10.26301/708h-ss96

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