Natchez National Historical Park - Melrose, United States of America

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Project NameNatchez National Historical Park - Melrose
CountryUnited States of America
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LiDAR - Terrestrial114.51 GBTrimble TX5 , Trimble TX8 Phase Based Laser Scanner , Time of Flight Scanner
Site DescriptionLocated on the terminus of the 444-mile Natchez Historic Parkway and at the southern end of the 2,320-mile long Mississippi River, Natchez National Historic Park preserves sites and stories of a global crossroads that people have passed through and taken root in for over 10,000 years. Throughout the 17th and 19th centuries, indigenous communities, European colonists from France, Britain, and Spain, American settlers, and enslaved peoples have shaped Natchez's landscape. The name Natchez comes from American Indians who lived in the area until the violence of western expansion and the breakdown of Natchez-French relations forced them from the area in the early 18th century. While American Indians were forced to leave the area, others found Natchez a place marked by their enslavement. Known for once having the second largest slave market in the country, the Historic Park illuminates the complexities of how the people of Natchez engaged in the global system of slavery as well as people's experiences of racial violence and enslavement.
Project DescriptionIn 2014 CyArk and Trimble began the Atlantic Slave Trade Project to curate an interactive and immersive experience to complement ongoing research of slavery throughout the Atlantic region. The project seeks to further illuminate the connections between these sites and their place within the largest organized system of forced migration in history. Using the latest 3D laser scanning and reality capture technologies, CyArk scanned and modeled sites associated with the Transatlantic slave trade in an effort to better understand, conserve, and preserve these sites and the stories of enslaved peoples. CyArk and Trimble digitally documented two sites within the Natchez National Historical Park: Melrose Estate, an early 19th century Greek-revival style mansion, and William Johnson House, the mid 19th century home of a free African American man.
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Collection Date2014-09-08 to 2014-09-12
Publication Date2019-04-18
License TypeCC BY-NC-SA
CollectorsCyArk , Trimble
PartnersForks of the Road , Visit Natchez
Site AuthorityNational Park Service
CyArk 2019: Natchez National Historical Park - Melrose - LiDAR - Terrestrial . Collected by CyArk , Trimble . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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