The Twelve Months Fountain of Valentino Park , Italy

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Project NameThe Twelve Months Fountain of Valentino Park
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Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
Photogrammetry - Aerial2.2 GBDJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Spark Drone
Photogrammetry - Terrestrial4 GBCanon EOS 5D SR DSLR
LiDAR - Terrestrial15 GBFaro Focus X330 Phase Based Laser Scanner
LiDAR - Mobile0.4 GBZeb REVO RT Time of Flight Scanner
Site DescriptionText from : L Teppati Lose et al 2020 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 949 012060
The "Fontana dei dodici mesi" has been realized by the engineer Carlo Ceppi and it has been inaugurated during the National Exposition of Turin of 1898, as part of the national celebration of the fifty years of the "Statuto Albertino". The fountain was a synthesis of the first Floreale and nostalgia for the rococo' (late Baroque) style. It presents a big oval pond surrounded by a decorated balustrade with twelve statues, symbols of the twelve months. The 4 statuary groups at the top of the fountain represented the 4 rivers of Piedmont: Po, Dora, Stura and Sangone. They were created, respectively, by sculptors Luigi Contratti; Edoardo Rubino; Giacomo Cometti; Cesare Biscarra; and Cesare Reduzzi (Magnaghi et al., 1995). The fountain also displayed 12 statues of young women that allegorized the months of the year and were placed on the balauster that circled the basin. It was originally set against a Moorish facade of an expositive strucure, later dismantled. It was said to be reminscient of the Fountain of Villa della Regina in Turin. E' composta di un'ampia vasca ovale, in cui precipita una spumeggiante cascata, circondata da una balaustra ornata di statue - eseguite da vari artisti (tra i quali Luigi Contratti, Edoardo Rubino e Cesare Biscarra) - che rappresentano i dodici mesi dell'anno e le quattro stagioni. Sintesi fra i primi spunti floreali e nostalgie rococo, lo stile ricorda il liberty e la strana disposizione della vasca e dovuta alla pendenza del terreno. La leggenda vuole che sia stata costruita nel luogo in cui il principe egizio Eridano cadde nel Po. Questa fontana pare fosse molto apprezzata da Edmondo De Amicis, soprattutto per la suggestiva collocazione nel Parco del Valentino. Further references: Lanzardo, D. & Poli, F. (2012). Torino la citta delle statue. Fantasmi di pietra sulla scena urbana. Turin: Edizioni del Capricorno, 159-163; Massaia, A. S. (1992). "Carlo Ceppi: un portagonitsa dell'Eclettismo a Torino" in Studi Piemontesi, XXI(2), 407-429; Magnaghi, A., Monge, M., & Re, L. (1995). Guida all'architettura moderna di Torino. Turin: Lindau; Politecnico di Torino, Dipartimento Casa Citta (1984). Beni culturali ambientali nel Comune di Torino, 1, Turin: Societa degli ingegneri e degli architetti in Torino, 352.
Project DescriptionText from : L Teppati Lose et al 2020 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 949 012060
The methodologies deployed for the documentation of the fountain and the surrounding park respond to the typically recognized principle of multi-scale and multi-sensor data acquisition as well as to the demand of data integration. In this specific case the main training and methodological purpose was to cover, with appropriate terrestrial and aerial techniques, all the documentation scale referring to the complex architectural and garden site. The UAV photogrammetry, based both on traditional RGB and 360 degree imagery, has been applied to document the environmental context of surrounding hilly area of the park, in which secular trees are contemporarily typifying the scene and challenging the flights planning phases. This determined to plan also SLAM-based acquisitions with the mobile mapping method, which in addition to helping to detect the areas of wooded and clearings zones were fundamental for the underground environments, which accommodate the hydraulic machines. The architectural complex, designed according to two elliptical ramps surrounding the fountain enclosed by a balustrade, was surveyed by TLS (terrestrial laser scanning). Furthermore, for the admirable statuary groups, consisting of imposing statuary volumes with basements, were the object of integration between traditional LiDAR survey and photogrammetric clouds derived from very light drones' flights.
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Collection Date2018-04-19 to 2018-04-19
Publication Date2023-07-19
License TypeCC BY-NC
ContributorsLorenzo Teppati Lose , Guilia Sammartano , Filiberto Chiabrando , Antonia Spano , Politecnico di Torino Architecture and Design Department , Alessandra Spreafico
Site AuthorityN/A
Lorenzo Teppati Lose , Guilia Sammartano , Filiberto Chiabrando , Antonia Spano , Politecnico di Torino Architecture and Design Department , Alessandra Spreafico 2023: The Twelve Months Fountain of Valentino Park - Photogrammetry - Aerial , Photogrammetry - Terrestrial , LiDAR - Terrestrial , LiDAR - Mobile . Collected by . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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