Matheerah Ziyaarat Complex (HAF-MTR-1), Maldives

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Project NameMatheerah Ziyaarat Complex (HAF-MTR-1)
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Data Types

Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
LiDAR - Terrestrial5.4 GBFaro Focus S350 Phase Based Laser Scanner
Photogrammetry - Terrestrial0.3 GBNikon D750 DSLR
Site DescriptionThis Ziyaarat complex around the shrine of Sharif Ali al-Makki also includes five flagpoles, a well, a scale pole, and a visitors’ lodge. The last structure formerly housed a collection of manuscripts, which were still present during a 2013 site inspection tour by the Maldives Department of Heritage. When the MHS documented the site in November 2019, however all had disappeared except for one small ruined fragment (HAF-MTR-MS1).
Project DescriptionThe Maldives Heritage Survey works to systematically inventory and digitally document the endangered cultural heritage of the Maldives. The materials documented through this work are critically endangered, facing both natural and human threats that jeopardize the survival and accessibility of historical information for this vital node in pre-modern global economic and religious networks at the cross-roads of an interconnected Indian Ocean world. The data made available here was collected by our Field Team using a FARO Focus S350 Lidar scanner and a Nikon D750 for photogrammetry.
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Collection Date2019-11-16 to 2019-11-16
Publication Date2020-05-07
License TypeCC BY-NC-ND
ContributorsMaldives Heritage Survey
CollectorsMaldives Heritage Survey
FundersArcadia Fund
PartnersOxford Centre for Islamic Studies , SAIE Lab - Washington University in St. Louis , Earth Observatory of Singapore
Site AuthorityMaldives National Center for Cultural Heritage,Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage
Maldives Heritage Survey 2020: Matheerah Ziyaarat Complex (HAF-MTR-1) - LiDAR - Terrestrial , Photogrammetry - Terrestrial . Collected by Maldives Heritage Survey . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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