Bimaristan Nur al-Din, Syria

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Project NameBimaristan Nur al-Din
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Data Types

Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
LiDAR - Terrestrial6.15 GBFaro Focus X330 Phase Based Laser Scanner
Photogrammetry - Terrestrial1.29 GBCanon EOS 6D DSLR
Site DescriptionOver eight centuries old, the Bimaristan Nur al-Din, is the earliest surviving site for the development of Islamic medicine. Throughout the building's lifetime, the site has functioned as a medical school as well as a place of healing in the heart of the old city of Damascus. Built in 1154, the building is characterized by its red brick muqarnas, elaborate entrance block, and finely carved wooden doors. The hospital was in use until the 20th century when it was converted into a Museum of Arabic Medicine and Science. The preservation of the building is a reminder of the major contributions of Islamic medicine to the world today.
Project DescriptionThe digital documentation of Bimaristan Nur al-Din was part of Project Anqa, a collaboration between CyArk, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), and Carleton University with funding support from the UK based charity, Arcadia Foundation. Responding to the catastrophic loss of heritage in the Middle East, the project seeks to further protect monuments through training local heritage professionals in digital preservation techniques. In partnership with the UNESCO Office for the Preservation of Syrian Cultural Heritage, CyArk trained Syrian heritage professionals in Lebanon to carry out the digital documentation of six sites in Damascus, including Bimaristan Nur al-Din.
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Collection Date2017-08-17 to 2017-08-20
Publication Date2019-04-18
License TypeCC BY-NC-SA
CollectorsDirectorate General of Antiquities and Museums
FundersArcadia Fund
PartnersCyArk , Carleton University , ICOMOS , UNESCO - The Emergency Safeguarding of the Syrian Heritage Project , Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage - Yale University
Site AuthorityDirectorate General of Antiquities and Museums
CyArk 2019: Bimaristan Nur al-Din - LiDAR - Terrestrial , Photogrammetry - Terrestrial . Collected by Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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