Sixty Dome Mosque - Mosque City of Bagerhat, Bangladesh

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Project NameSixty Dome Mosque - Mosque City of Bagerhat
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Data Types

Data Type Size Device Name Device Type
LiDAR - Terrestrial44.05 GBFaro Focus S350 Phase Based Laser Scanner
Photogrammetry - Aerial30.33 GBDJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone
Photogrammetry - Terrestrial94.71 GBNikon D810 DSLR
Site DescriptionThe Mosques at the Historic City of Bagerhat are touchstones for understanding the early influences of Islam in Bangladesh and diversity of architectural style in Southeast Asia. The monuments at Bagerhat are some of the finest examples of the Khan Jahan style, named after the Sufi Saint who founded the city in the mid 15th century. With few options for building materials in the area, builders of the city utilized their expertise in brick making. The 60 Dome Mosque is one of 360 buildings that once stood in Bagerhat. Today, the mosque remains an important place of worship for local residents and visitors throughout Bangladesh and the world.
Project DescriptionIn 2019, CyArk partnered with Google Arts and Culture and ICOMOS to digitally document three structures at the Historic City of Bagerhat in Bangladesh. The structures are particularly at risk due to the impacts of climate change including rising sea levels and increased salinity in water being absorbed into the bricks. CyArk used aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry as well as LiDAR or laser scanning to digitally capture the monuments. The site will utilize the documentation to better understand and address the impacts of climate change and connect people with these places.
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Collection Date2019-04-23 to 2019-05-03
Publication Date2020-06-22
License TypeCC BY-NC-SA
FundersGoogle Arts and Culture
Site AuthorityDepartment of Archaeology of Bangladesh
2020: Sixty Dome Mosque - Mosque City of Bagerhat - LiDAR - Terrestrial , Photogrammetry - Aerial , Photogrammetry - Terrestrial . Collected by CyArk . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

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